This Week's Picks - L*Space, Malvados, Sun Bum, Tofino Towel and more summer essentials!

This Week's Picks - L*Space, Malvados, Sun Bum, Tofino Towel and more summer essentials!

This week we are talking summer essentials on the blog and boy do we have some exciting things in store! Would I be jumping the gun if I said that summer weather has OFFICIALLY arrived??? I don’t want to jinx the weather we’ve been having the past few days, but it definitely has me thinking about my summer wardrobe… or shall I say, my sadly lacking summer wardrobe. Every year it’s the same story, I put off purchasing summer essentials and then when the weather finally gets nice enough to wear shorts, bathing suits, etc I’m always so annoyed that everything is so picked over!!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this???

One thing I have learned (or am trying to learn) from working in fashion, is that you need to start building your wardrobe for the upcoming season before the season starts! SO in other words, fashion is so ahead of the game, that for us Canadians we basically need to start purchasing shorts and dresses while there is still snow on the ground!!! I know that sounds crazy, but you truly do find the best selection that way, and not to mention then you aren’t stuck buying everything ALL at once! Sadly, I’ve gotten really good at doing this for every season except summer, BUT luckily, I’m not alone and I have a feeling that the majority of you are frantically thinking to yourself that you too are in some major need of summer essentials! All that being said, we decided what better time to feature our must have summer essentials on This Week’s Picks to help you all get a jump start on your summer shopping!

What screams summer essentials more than swim wear, beach towels, flip-flops, and of course sun screen!!We thought it would be kind of cool to create a theme, and of course anytime I think summer my mind immediately thinks water activities, whether that’s a day at the pool, sun tanning in your own backyard, or my personal favourite, a day at the lake or beach! I’m going to start off by talking about bathing suits, because if you have been following along on the blog then you already know that I LOVE, LOVE, I repeat…LOVE L*Space bathing suits! Honestly, there is just something about this brand that I cannot get enough of from the incredible styles, to the quality of the material, to the overall fit.

Monaco Sunset Palm - L*Space

Monaco Sunset Palm - L*Space (click to shop)

OK, it’s time for some real talk…YES, L*Space is expensive, but instead of thinking dollar amount, think investment! How many times have you gone to Victoria Secret (sale season…woot woot!), Forever 21, The Garage, American Eagle, etc and bought SEVERAL bathing suits at once because they were cheap, and so why wouldn’t you buy 5 or more at one time??? Now don’t get me wrong, I will be the first to say that I have done this COUNTLESS amounts of times, which is why at one point in time I had an ENTIRE drawer stuffed to the max with an obscene amount of options, but funny enough, I never could find one to wear!!! It’s like I would go into my drawer and start trying on the endless amounts of options, but yet something was always wrong…the fit was off, the elastic was worn out after one wear, the bottoms were pilling, and the list went on of reasons why I needed to yet again buy ANOTHER bathing suit!!! This is when it finally hit me in the face like a brick wall…If I added up all the money I spent on all of these bathing suits that I didn’t even really love, let alone like on a good day, then I could afford a few good quality pieces that I would have for years and that I would actually want to wear because they made me feel amazing and fit me properly in all the right places! From then on, it’s been a no brainer to shop L*Space when I’m looking to add to my swim wear collection.

Gemma Bikini - L*Space

(***Also please keep in mind, I am in no way bashing these stores as I do shop at them because I think they are great for fast fashion, but when it comes to swim wear I truly do believe in less is more and quality over quantity, because what’s more vulnerable than being half naked in a swim suit?? This is a time when you want to be feeling your best, so why not treat yourself and purchase something that is going to make you feel confident and amazing in your own skin!!)

I feel like every time I talk about L*Space I always end up going off on a tangent, but I just can’t help it, because I feel like this brand completely changed the way I see myself in a bathing suit and I genuinely want everyone, no matter your shape or size to be able to experience what it’s like to rock a swim suit that makes you feel how you feel on the inside! Anyways… now that I have had my sappy moment for the day LOL, make sure you check out our video posted below to see all of the amazing new arrivals from L*Space! We have received everything from one pieces, to your classic bikini, to high rise bottoms, and the best part is everything is sold separately so you can totally mix and match!! Also, remember that everything is available both in store and online, but we would love to see you in store so we can help you find the perfect fit for you!!

L* Space

Tofino Towel, Sun Bum, and Malvados

Ok, now that we have covered swim wear, the next important summer essentials are beach towels!! At Miss Boss we carry a Canadian brand called Tofino Towel, and let me just tell you they are incredible! There are so many great styles and options, but my personal favourite is the big round towels because they are great for the beach, a place to read, suntan, and snack at the pool, or to have a picnic on at the park! Also, I know our outdoor pool/ beach season is on the shorter side, but these towels also make great bed throws, or indoor statement pieces!

Another must have item for hot weather is of course sun protection!!! We are SO SO excited to announce that we have started to carry the Sun Bum line at Miss Boss, and OMG it smells AMAZING!!! Like I am actually obsessed with the smell! I hate to admit it, but I actually do not like wearing sunscreen on my body (unless I’m spending the day in my bathing suit), because of how sticky it makes you feel and the smell isn’t always the most appealing, but I tried this brand out on a trip I took last year and it is honestly a game changer! Not only does it smell super good, but it applies nicely, and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky AND their products are cruelty free, gluten free, reef friendly, sulphate/paraben free and Vegan! So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that we were going to start carrying the Sun Bum products after having already tried it and falling in love. Keep in mind this is more of a sneak peak of what is to come, as we have a lot more products arriving soon, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to share with you all!

*The Sun Bum “30 SPF Spray” -retails for $20 and is an easy to use, ultra sheer/dry touch continuous spray.

* The Sun Bum “Sun Tanning Towelette 5 Pack”- retails for $20 and is the perfect way to achieve a quick and effortlessly beautiful glow!

Ok, last but not least we all need a great pair of sandals/ flip flops for the hot summer days, and as an added bonus all of our Malvados are currently 20% off, so what better time to stock up! We have several different styles and a good range of sizes still available so you will have lots of options both in store and online. I personally own a few pairs and they are surprisingly comfortable for the price, and with the daintier strap they are really easy to dress up or dress down. You know how some flip flops just look too casual with a maxi dress or romper??? That’s where Malvados are great, because they totally work with all outfits and are perfect to take on vacation. If your anything like me, then you know that the weight of shoes adds up REAL quick, so if I can eliminate just one pair by having a versatile sandal then l am winning in my opinion….or in other words, I just have more room in my suitcase for what is truly important…SHOPPING!!!


I hope you all enjoyed the topic for This Week’s Picks and that you are feeling inspired to get your shop on for all your summer essentials! Don’t forget that we receive new items weekly and we have so many other amazing arrivals that were not mentioned in this week’s post.

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