This Week's Picks - Gentle Fawn & Special Guests Courtney & Rachel!

This Week's Picks - Gentle Fawn & Special Guests Courtney & Rachel!

This week on The Boss Blog we are talking new arrivals from Gentle Fawn, and trust me when I say we have a TON of new goodies to share with all of you! If you have been following along on our Instagram stories this week, then you probably noticed some new faces during the try-ons. Rachel and Courtney are regulars at Miss Boss, and just have the sweetest most genuine personalities, so of course we had a blast getting to work with them. You will often find this bestie duo browsing the racks at Miss Boss together, so naturally they couldn’t wait to be the featured guests on This Week’s Picks!! Make sure to check out the attached videos to get the inside scoop on what Courtney and Rachel thought of the new arrivals!  


You will notice throughout the videos that we featured the same pair of pants with every top for two reasons, one because we are just that obsessed with them, and two we really wanted to show you how they truly are “that” versatile and can be incorporated into your wardrobe in so many different ways. So on that note, I’m going to kick things off by talking about the “Franzia Pant” which is a high-waisted, wider legged pant, that is light weight and super soft and comfy. Both Courtney and Rachel loved the fact that they could dress them up for work, but then also take them on vacation or dress them down on the weekend for a more casual outfit. The “Franzia Pant” is available in black and retails for $99. 

If you are all about those stripes this year, which you should be because they are so on trend, you are going to love the first outfits that the girls modeled. Rachel was wearing the “Jewel Dress”-$120 which is a black dress with white pinstripes, and Courtney rocked the matching two piece set in the same pattern! I’ve been loving the matching sets this past year, but if that isn’t your thing, then both the “Rosemount Top”-$99, and the “Lark Pant”-$99 would look great worn separately. The “Rosemount Top” is also available in scarlet red and looks so chic paired with your favourite high rise denim!

Jewel Dress - Gentle Fawn           

Rosemount and Lark - Gentle Fawn

So just in case we all need a little reminder, believe it or not it is actually summertime (CRAZY I KNOW), but just because the weather doesn’t want to get on board doesn’t mean that we all still don’t have summer events that need attending! With summer events in full swing, that often means that the hunt is on to find the perfect outfit, which isn’t always the easiest task, but when in doubt a jumpsuit is always a great option! One of the things I love about jumpsuits is that they can be re-worn after that special occasion or event and don’t end up being added to the pile of one hit wonders in your closet!! I know you all know what I’m talking about, because who isn’t guilty of splurging on that amazing dress to wear to a wedding and then of course it’s too dressy to wear day to day, but no way are you wearing it to the next wedding or big event because lets be real, if your anything like me, you don’t want to be photographed wearing the exact same outfit! So long story short, a jumpsuit is great because you can dress it down by simply adding a denim jacket and flats, or wear it to work by adding a blazer and pumps! 

The “Phoenix Jumpsuit” is a black jumpsuit with a dainty floral pattern, retails for $130, and is bra friendly!!! I do find that this jumpsuit runs true to size and comes in sizes 2-10. This great floral pattern is also available in the “Voila Tank”-$79 and looks fantastic paired with the “Franzia Pant” which I talked about earlier in the post. 

Phoenix Jumpsuit - Gentle Fawn


Since we are on the topic of florals, I may as well jump right on into some other amazing floral options for the summer season. You guys, this is such a great colour combination and the best part is that we have it in three completely different pieces, which means you should be able to find at least one thing that suits your own personal style! First up is the “Alba Dress”-$130, which is your classic style wrap dress that is great for all body types and would be perfect for a summer/fall wedding. If you aren’t much of a dress gal, but love the pattern and colour, another great option for a wedding would be the matching “Ashford Top”-$90 paired with a skirt or the “Franzia Pant”. The last item we received in this pattern is everyone’s favourite “Gallery Kimono”-$64 in the colour green. I have talked about Kimonos several times in past blog posts, but I always like to give a special shout out when we receive them, because they are such a good price and extremely versatile! These Kimonos are great for people who work in an office, because it may be hot outside but that AC will most likely be pumping on full blast, making them the perfect item to just leave at your desk so that you can toss it on and off as needed. I also love how there are so many different ways to style them, to just name a few, you could try belting it to give you that nice hourglass shape, you could also use this as a scarf, or even toss it in your carry-on bag and use it as a blanket on those long airplane rides.  

Alba Dress - Gentle Fawn


The next items that Courtney and Rachel modeled give me all the summery, sunshine vibes! I mean when the colour is called sunflower yellow you know it’s going to be a happy and bright colour! For this portion of the try-ons Rachel wore the “Genevieve Dress”-$130, and Courtney wore the matching “Meghan Tank”-$79 paired with the “Franzia Pant”-$99. We all agreed that the “Meghan Tank” would also look super good paired with any light wash denim or white denim. To finish off this look, I would toss on a pair of espadrille wedges in tan or brown and accessorize with the Olive + Piper “Marina Hoops”-$55!


Ok, in my personal opinion we saved the best for last, because who doesn’t LOVE anything and everything when it comes in animal print!??! Seriously there is just something that is so fun, yet so neutral and versatile when it comes to this print. I’m going to predict that these items will not be around for long because animal print is so on trend right now and we have limited quantities! Also, can we take a minute to address how adorable these two besties look in their matching outfits!!!! Both Rachel and Courtney wore the “Casella Tank”-$68 paired with the “Franzia Pant”, and then for that extra wow factor we went all out and incorporated the “Gallery Kimono”-$64 in animal print!

Casella Tank - Gentle Fawn


Lastly, I just wanted to give a big shout out to our lovely guests, Rachel and Courtney, for helping us showcase so many great new arrivals from Gentle Fawn! 

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