This Week's Picks - Gentle Fawn, Christopher Kon, Malvados

This Week's Picks - Gentle Fawn, Christopher Kon, Malvados

Gentle Fawn

Well it’s that time again, we recently received a huge order from Gentle Fawn, and as per usual we are swooning over all the new arrivals! Since there are a lot of items to cover, we’ve decided to focus on a few of our FAVS so that this blog post doesn’t turn into a novel!!! If I don’t cover an item that you had seen over on our insta stories this past week, head on over to and all of the new arrivals can be found on our online store!

I’m SO excited for this first item for two reasons, one being that it is a must have for every spring wardrobe…its crisp, clean, and light weight material make it the perfect piece to throw on over dresses, tanks, basic tees, etc without weighing you or your outfit down, and the second reason I am so excited is because it’s one of those items that transitions flawlessly from work day to a night out!  Let’s be honest, in today’s world we are all “too busy” and thinking about two outfits for one day, let alone one, is just another thing that ain't nobody got time for! So pieces like the “Hayden Blazer” are a great thing to invest in because of how versatile they are. This white, form fitting, open style blazer features light grey pinstripes, and retails for just $140!!!

Hayden Blazer - Gentle Fawn

Do you all remember the very popular “Tucker Sweater”??? This is ALWAYS a fast selling item which is why we keep bringing it back! Each season it comes in a new colour, and I have to say that the “Rose” AND “Cream” are probably my all-time favourite colours in the “Tucker Sweater” to date! If you aren’t familiar with the “Tucker” sweater, it’s just an easy to wear, looser fitting knit, that is flattering on all body shapes and retails for $80! Roll up the sleeves, tuck in the front, and add a pair of white high rise denim, and nude suede ankle boots for a great everyday look.

If you have been an avid Gentle Fawn shopper, then you have probably noticed that there is one thing that you can always expect in every new collection, and that is FLORALS!! Gentle Fawn just does it best! I can say that I am not always a huge floral fan, but this colour combination of buttery off white, with orangey red flowers has me thinking twice! It comes in 3 totally different pieces and I seriously cannot decide which one to purchase first.

Noemi Blouse - Gentle Fawn

The “Noemi Blouse”-$89 and the “Kylie Dress”-$118 are very similar in style and perfect for spring! I love how flowy and effortless the material is, the only obvious difference between the two pieces is that one is a dress and the other is a cropped blouse. What I love about this is that if you aren’t really into wearing dresses, or you love wearing dresses but hate cropped shirts, then you have the option! It’s the worst when you are drawn to a colour or pattern, but wish it was available in a different style….well good news, this time it is!! Or, you could be like me and want both….SIGH!! 

Christopher Kon

With every new season comes new styles, and let’s just say that our latest arrivals from Christopher Kon have me thinking it’s time to invest in a new wallet! You guys…these new wallets, and card holders are SO DREAMY!! Like we are talking buttery soft leather, amazing quality, and the most fun colours!! We also received a few new gorgeous handbags in black, which are perfect for year round use.

Classic Wallet - Christopher Kon

Now I won’t lie, Christopher Kon bags are definitely a little bit of an investment, but anyone who has ever purchased one will tell you that they last FOREVER!!! Like you get to the point where you almost want to purposely ruin it so you can justify buying a new one LOL!!! Now if you aren’t ready to commit to a handbag, I must say that the wallets and card holders are surprisingly a very good price point for the quality you will receive and the styles are timeless.

Tote - Christopher Kon

Belt Crossbody - Christopher kon

There are three different styles of wallets, and they vary in size and colour! I’m currently OBSESSING over the hot pink “Madison Classic Leather Wallet” which is the largest of the three styles and is also available in black and retails for $125.  I personally love the size of this wallet, because it can double as a clutch for those times when you don’t want to be lugging around a purse. It can for sure fit a phone, lip gloss/ lipstick, cards, and cash, so basically all the essentials for a dinner date, or movie night!!  

The next size down is the “Silla Large Card Slot”-$85, and these are perfect for sliding into your smaller to mid-size cross body bags! They are available in pink, petal, mauve, cobalt, black, and silver and retail for $85. These are the perfect size if you are just looking for somewhere to put your money, with 4 card slots, a small pouch with zipper closure for change, and a slot for your paper bills.

Last but not least, the smallest AND cutest card slot is the “Lovi Mini Card Slot” and it retails for just $45. This style is available in black, cobalt, petal, pink, tan, and mauve. This mini card slot is ideal for carrying around your “plastic cards” but does not have a spot for coins or bills like the “Silla Large Card Slot”, so just keep that in mind when deciding which style of wallet is best for you!


Before I wrap things up, I wanted to quickly touch on the GIGANTIC shipment of sandals that we just received! “Malvados” are a personal favourite of mine when it comes to flip-flops, because they are such good quality for a price point that won’t break the bank! I’m not normally one to wear flip-flops during the summer as I LOVE heels, but I recently decided to purchase a pair before leaving on my trip to South America, and YOU GUYS… they were SOO comfortable! Long story short, I ended up wearing them more than I would like to admit, and because the straps are so dainty they actually look super cute with all outfits!  

***I should mention that we received an assortment of different styles of sandals in a bunch of different colour combinations, so if you prefer slides, or strappy sandals then head on over to to check out the spring/summer Malvados lineup!!! Happy Shopping!




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