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  • It’s no secret; We love Spring (3/19/2015) - At Miss Boss, Spring means a lot more than warmer weather and puddles – it means our store gets a much needed break from cool winter greys and blacks as the annual shipments full of floral, pinks, and pastels come… Continue Reading
  • Your Holiday #OOTN (12/11/2014) - Besides the usual presents, food, cocktails and cuddle weather, one of our favorite things about the holiday season is the fact that it requires so much dressing up; office parties, girls’ nights, and who can forget ringing in the New… Continue Reading
  • Autumn Colors (10/16/2014) - Don’t you just love fall in Edmonton? How could you not, with the leaves changing and transforming the entire river valley into a massive swirl of red, orange and yellow; it’s the one time a year Edmonton looks more like… Continue Reading