This Week's Picks - Z Supply, David Lerner & Sen Collection

This Week's Picks - Z Supply, David Lerner & Sen Collection

Today on the Boss Blog we are talking about some amazing new fall items and a whole lot of animal print. If you have tuned into any fashion segments on television, follow any fashion bloggers, or have just been checking out the fall fashion in general, then you know that the hottest trend right now is in fact animal print. You will find it in just about every form including blazers, athleisure wear, footwear, accessories, handbags, etc. and with any hot trend comes the risk of items selling out SUPER FAST, so if you see something you love, do not wait because chances are good that that item won’t be there next time you go to buy it. Another trend that is still going strong from last fall/winter is the teddy jackets, and I am 100% here for it! Not only do teddy jackets look great on, but they are so damn cozy. I seriously lived in mine last winter, and have already stocked up on a few more styles for the upcoming winter season as I know I will definitely get my wear out of them.

Z Supply, Sherpa Jacket


I have two favourites in the store at the moment, the first being the gorgeous “Tiesha Teddy Coat” from Lost in Lunar, and now our newest addition, the Z Supply “Sherpa Jacket”! I am beyond excited because we received this exact jacket last year in a cream colour and I seriously wore it way more than I would like to admit, so to see that it was brought back this year in several different colours was possibly the best news ever!!! I would have to say my favourite thing about this style is that it is super easy to toss on with lulus and sneakers and rock the cutest athleisure look, but then also pair it with denim, a killer bodysuit and some heels and you are ready for a night on the town.  Whatever your style is the “Sherpa Jacket” is going to work for you because it is just so versatile, the price is great at $110, and you have the option of 4 different colours (wine, toffee, mesa red, and leopard print). Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, if you prefer a bomber style jacket we did receive the “Sherpa Crop Jacket” in the colour pearl and it retails for $129. 

Lost In Lunar, Tiesha Teddy Coat


Z Supply, Sherpa Jacket

I’m so pumped about the new arrivals from these next two brands it’s hard to decide which to talk about first, so to keep things simple I will start with SEN since that is what we featured first on This Week’s Picks. If you have been reading the blog for a while then you are well aware of my love for everything SEN! I will be the first to point out that this brand tends to be on the pricier side, but my god the fabrics are so soft and the quality is well worth the price. Whenever I purchase something from this brand I like to think of it as something that is going to be in my wardrobe for a very long time and then I feel justified adding that particular piece to my wardrobe. Everything from SEN tends to be fairly timeless with their classic cuts and neutral colours and are perfect for mixing and matching with your more trendy items that you won’t be spending as much money on since they will go in and out of style. 

In the first video Sabrina is wearing the “Burges Jumpsuit”-$235 in grey, and I am wearing the white “Fallon Tank”-$130 paired with the “Rotterdam Duster” $175 in green. I could go on and on about how soft and cozy these items are, and how they can be dressed up or down, but you truly just need to come into the store and try these items on to fully appreciate how great they are. So next time you are in Miss Boss, don’t be afraid to ask whoever is working to pick you out a few of these pieces to try, because I have a feeling if they weren’t on your must have list before they will be after your next visit!

Sen Collection, Burges Jumpsuit

Sen Collection, Fallon Tank & Rotterdam Cardi

We did receive one other must have item from the newest SEN Collection, however we decided to pair it up with some of the new arrivals from David Lerner to show you just how easy it is to take this pencil skirt from workwear to weekend! The “Lamar Pencil Skirt” retails for $185 and is hands down the most comfortable skirt I have ever tried on. I love the length and how it is form fitting, but the material is nice and thick making it a little more forgiving and a great transitional piece going into fall and winter. For the first look we decided to pair this skirt with the most gorgeous animal print blouse called the “Portman”-$220. If you are rocking a baby bump like me, try leaving the bottom few buttons undone to allow you to tie the remaining material in a knot just above your bump! I love doing this over top of bodycon dresses and tube/pencil skirts because it makes everything look more put together and less frumpy, because trust me when I say it is easy to feel frumpy if you don’t make those small tweaks to your outfits while pregnant and nobody wants to feel like that. Now of course I know the majority of you are not pregnant, so of course this blouse looks great tucked in, and if you wanted to really go all out try adding a black belt and some ankle boots or pumps to complete the look! For those chillier days toss on a pair of over the knee (OTK) boots with this outfit for another great look. 

David Lerner, Sen Collection - Portman Blouse, Lamar Pencil Skirt

Like I mentioned earlier, we have SOO much animal print in store at the moment and these next two tops are going to be hot commodities so get on those running shoes and start running to Miss Boss because these are not going to last long!!! You know when you just see an item and it’s love at first sight??? Yah me too…and that’s exactly how I feel about both of these items I’m about to share with you. First up is the “Leopard Turtleneck” which I can assure you is going to be one of those items worn on major repeat! Wear this top to the office with some paperbag dress pants, and then swap out the pants for some high rise black denim and a leather jacket for a night out on the town! This delicate fabric is so lightweight making it great for layering under jackets, blazers, and cardigans AND the price is great, retailing for $117. 

David Lerner, Animal Prints

Now for all my animal print lovers out there who prefer to go for the comfier more casual pieces this next one is for you. The “Leopard Puff Pullover”-$160 is what I like to call an elevated twist on your basic sweater. I think the slightly puffed shoulder adds that little extra touch of femininity that I always appreciate when it comes to basics. Now if you do prefer to dress up your basics then check out the video below to see how I styled this piece with the “Lamar Pencil Skirt” during our try on session! 

One of the things I love about writing the blog is it gives me the opportunity to hopefully inspire you all to get out of your comfort zone and maybe just maybe try something new because you now have additional ideas on how to style items that you may not have ever thought twice about. It’s also a great place for me to talk about what the latest trends are and overall just provide more details on each item. Since today’s blog seems to focus a lot on trends, I figured it would be a good time to also touch on matching sets. Over the past year matching sets have become huge in the fashion world, so whether you are all about that athleisure life with the matching joggers and pullover, or you are a total fashionista who is on board with the matching blazer and pant/short sets, you need to give this trend a try. The “Cargo Jogger”-$175 and “Gathered Volume Sleeve”-$160 is the perfect example of this trend!!! The last thing I am going to say about the beauty of these matching sets are that no matter if you are lazing around the house all day, running errands, or on a road trip you can feel 100% confident knowing that you look like you have your SH*T together (even if you don’t LOL) because your outfit has your back. 

David Lerner - Jogger Set

The final two pieces from the new David Lerner collection are the “Plaid Slim Track Jogger”-$258, and the “Contrast Jogger Side Tape”-$350. Both of these items are on the pricier side but OMG are they ever good!!! Once again, think of these splurge items as staples when building your fall/ winter wardrobe and then look for more cost effective items as fillers to complete each look! One really good tip is if you pair one expensive/ good quality piece into your outfit it instantly elevates the entire look! Whether you do this with a handbag, a jacket, or in this case a beautiful pair of pants it will do wonders for your overall outfit. 

David Lerner, Vegan Leather Side Tape Jogge

David Lerner - Plaid Jogger, Vegan Leather Pant



Now get on out there…or jump onto our online site, and start building that fabulous fall wardrobe that you all deserve!


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