This Week's Picks - Olive + Piper Jewelry, L*Space

This Week's Picks - Olive + Piper Jewelry, L*Space

One of my favourite things about spring and summer is weddings, and with weddings comes cute dresses and of course accessories!! Today on the blog I’m going to be sharing my all-time favourite jewelry line to wear for special occasions or any time I just feel like switching in my dainty layering pieces for something that’s a little bolder and with a little more sparkle! When it comes to getting dressed up, whether that’s for a special event, date night, a wedding, or an anniversary Olive + Piper is my go to brand.

Sometimes trying to find that perfect dress or outfit for an event can end up being super stressful and I think that can be because we put so much emphasis on finding the “it” outfit that we forget that sometimes a simple dress is all you need and the accessories can really amp up your overall look. One of my personal favourite looks is just your classic little black cocktail dress paired with a killer pair of heels and an Olive + Piper statement necklace or statement earrings “Florence Drops”-$58 or the “Eleanor Drops”-$58.

Florence Drops


Eleanor Drops

You may have noticed that over the past year or two, bolder/statement earrings have been all the rage and that trend seems to be continuing. One of my biggest tips when it comes to dressing up is choosing one or the other (earrings or necklace) when it comes to statement pieces. I feel like in most cases less is more, because you want your accessories to compliment your outfit, not be distracting and overpowering.

We recently restocked on some of our favourites from Olive + Piper including some gorgeous studs!  The “Zara Studs”-$48, “London Studs”-$48, and the “Chloe Studs”-$38 are all equally stunning and are just the right amount of sparkle for everyday wear. Oh, and did I mention that the prices on these are incredible for the quality. I can safely say first hand that everything I have ever purchased from Olive + Piper last and continues to sparkle over time.

Zara, London, Chloe Studs

The last piece of jewelry I’m going to share is my ultimate FAVOURITE bracelet… I may be biased because I have owned this piece for over 2 years and I basically incorporate it into my bracelet stack on the daily! I just find it so versatile, and if you’re a girl who loves bling like I do, then I find it adds the perfect amount of sparkle to your outfit. The “Pearl Halo Bracelet” retails for just $48 and is plated in 14k gold. I love this bracelet SOOO much that I have considered buying a second one as back up, just on the off chance that it ever goes missing or  something happens to it….that’s how much I love it!


Now since we are talking spring and summer time, we may as well take a second to drool over the newest additions to our L*Space collection at Miss Boss! I have said this before and I will say it again…INVEST in your swim wear, you will not regret it! Once you bite the bullet just one time and make that painful transaction you will forever have a different mindset when it comes to bathing suit shopping. You will discover that you no longer need 20 one pieces and 10 bikinis because you won’t be forever searching for that perfect one that makes you look and feel good. This took me a LONG time to get on board with, and trust me if you are sitting their thinking to yourself “I would never EVER spend over $200 DOLLARS on a bathing suit”, then just know I said the exact same thing. I actually purchased my first L Space one piece without even looking at the price tag, because I had no idea that they could be over $100 and boy was I in for a surprise when I was told the total.  I actually almost had a mini heart attack but at that point I was already in love with it… I swear I had never in my life put on a bathing suit that made me feel that good! So off I went on my two week trip to Mexico and even though I packed probably 14 different options, I found myself reaching for my L*Space black one piece day after day… this is when I was truly converted! So long story short, at the time of purchase, yes you are spending more, but in the long run you will actually realize that the quality is so good and that they stand the test of time so over the years you will actually be saving money.

As you can see I am clearly VERY passionate about certain things and investing in swim wear is one of them. I feel like I could go on and on and ramble forever, so let’s just jump right to it and talk about these fabulous new arrivals!

The “Monaco One Piece”-$235 is a bright orange terry cloth one piece with a textured palm leaf design. They call this style a monokini, and the cutouts give it the illusion of a bikini in the back and one piece in the front. This bathing suit also features removable pads and is available in sizes 6-12.

Monaco One Piece

This next pattern we received in both a one piece and a bikini, so whatever your preference we have you covered! I love this one, and I think it would look so amazing with that summer tan that we long for! “The Seaside Escape Monaco One Piece” is more of a floral/ leaf pattern and like the terry cloth one piece it is also a cutout monokini style. This bathing suit retails for $235 and has removable pads. The bikini version has different names for the top and the bottom so I will include them here with links so that there is no confusion. The “Cody Top”-$114 is super cute and provides maximum support with medium coverage and is fully adjustable and for the bustier gals this top does go up to a DD. The matching “Knight Bikini Bottoms”-$108 are considered to be “bitsy” when it comes to coverage so if you don’t mind showing some skin these are super cute, but if you prefer something with more coverage, you can always mix and match because all bikinis are sold as separates!

Cody and Knight Bikini

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