This Week's Picks - Melissa, O.P.T

This Week's Picks - Melissa, O.P.T

Well Hello February!!!

Was anyone else so ready to say farewell to January??? What a LONG month, BUT we made it, and now it’s time to begin the countdown to sunnier, warmer days! Let’s hope that we get an early spring, because as you know fashion is always ahead of the game and we have recently received an insanely amazing order from Melissa!


Now you may be thinking to yourself, there is no way you can even fathom the idea of buying sandals after the weather we just had this past weekend…trust me, I KNOW!...BUT I’m telling you now you will not want to wait too long, because by the time sandal season actually rolls around this Melissa collection will be long gone.

The thing I love most about Melissa shoes is how unique they are, from their creative styles to their one of a kind bubble gum smell, which by the way is AH-MAZING!!!I mentioned in a previous post how Melissa is a Brazilian shoe brand that is entirely animal cruelty-free and each shoe is made from a 100% recyclable, non-toxic PVC called Melflex, so if you are looking for a shoe that isn’t real leather, but would like your shoes to last, then I highly recommend this brand! I currently own 2 pairs but I am definitely planning to add my personal favourite, the off white “Mule ll” to my shoe collection!

The “Mule ll” is the perfect slip on and go heel and retails for just $135! As you all probably have noticed white shoes seem to be one of the biggest statements you can make in foot wear right now and I am so on board with this trend! I bought a pair of white booties with a kitten heel back in the summer time and they have been my go to ever since! So if you have not jumped on board yet, I highly suggest you do because you will not regret it! OK, back to the “Mule ll”, these are the perfect shade of off white and will literally go with everything in your spring/summer wardrobe and the best part is they are incredible comfortable!

Mule - Melissa

We received one other high heel from the Melissa collection called the “Mar Wedge”-$185. This shoe is the perfect pinky nude colour and is great for elongating those legs!  I think these would be the perfect heel to wear to a summer wedding or with your favourite pair of white denim! Speaking of white denim we just received a pair from J Brand with exposed buttons that are super on trend and very flattering! We will link them here so you can check them out!

Mar Wedge - Melissa

Now for all you flip-flop, sandal loving gals out there, these next few are for you! I may be biased but I honestly believe that Melissa makes the most stylish sandals. I swear every time I wear mine I always get compliments from random strangers, and the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to make a statement! From exaggerated bows, to animal print, to sleek looking slides these sandals are anything but basic.

Sweet Bow - Melissa

The “Sweet Bow” sandals features an exaggerated bow and are available in two colours, white/pink, and black/beige and retail for $95. The “Animal Print Flip Flop”-$135 are a little more basic in style, but so on trend with the fun print and the gold straps and bow. Think of animal print as a neutral and you will see that these sandals will literally go with everything! Now, if you can’t wear flip flops and need more of a strappy sandal, or if you just simple don’t like the look of a flip flop then the “Cosmic” sandal is going to be a great option. It comes in two different colour combinations, (black, white, brown), or (beige, white, pink) and retail for $120. The last sandal we received is the “Soul Slide”, and slides are just so popular right now. I honestly think it’s because we live in a world where everyone is in hurry, trying to juggle a million different things at once, and having to bend over or empty your hands to do up your shoes is just an extra step. I love how sleek these slides are in black and they retail for just $95!!!

Animal Print Flip Flop - Melissa

Cosmic & Soul Slide - Melissa

Cosmic - Melissa

Ok….I am so so so EXCITED for these next two pairs of shoes because they are to DIE FOR!!! They are just so unique and fun that I can see myself wearing these on repeat all summer long! They are a cross between a sneaker and a sandal and are available in two different colours!! So basically you slide into them like you would a sandal, but they lace up like a sneaker and then have an open toe…..FUN right??? The “Ulitsa Sandal” is black on black and retails for $110, and the “Ultra Splash Shoe”-$115 is a white shoe, with white laces, and then has a colour splatter in a variety of bright colours!

Ultra Splash - Melissa

Last but not least is the “Ground lll Shoe”-$135 which is a slip on sneaker in animal print!! Like I mentioned earlier, animal print is considered a neutral so these are a great way to have some fun with your outfit. I love pairing these with white, black, or blue denim, shorts of varying fabrics, or a basic tee shirt dress!

Ground - Melissa

So todays post was clearly all about shoes, shoes and more shoes, but before I wrap things up I did want to give you all a little sneak peek into a new brand that is coming to Miss Boss! We are super excited about this new line because we often have customers looking for dresses to wear to events, weddings, engagement parties, etc and we really wanted to be able to provide that to all of you. This new line is called “One Pretty Time” and there pieces are absolutely stunning!

O.P.T. - One Pretty Time

So far we have received the “Copper Satin Wrap Dress”-$215 as a little teaser for what is to come, and you guys, the quality and detail of this piece has surpassed our expectations! At the moment this dress is only available in store, but check out the picture below to see how the dress looks on. Also, if you don’t already follow us on Instagram we do weekly try on sessions and daily posts of what is new in store! So pop on over and say hi or follow us on Instagram @missbossyeg to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends!

Copper Satin Wrap Dress - O.P.T.

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