This Week's Picks - J Brand, Sen Clothing

This Week's Picks - J Brand, Sen Clothing

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it was only fitting that on this week’s blog we feature something PINK! I have to admit that I am crazy obsessed with the colour pink to begin with, but when it happens to be the colour of the most PERFECT pair of pants I’ve ever laid eyes on…well then let’s just say I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight!!!

J Brand

These “High Rise Tie Waist Pants”-$409 in faded pink, are so on trend for Spring 2019! Seriously, if you have been wondering if you should jump out of your comfort zone…aka skinny jeans…and try something a little different, then the answer is YES you definitely should! There are so many different ways to style this pant that I can promise you will find yourself wearing them on repeat! Since they are high-waisted, they will look super chic with any top tucked in, whether that’s a blouse, a bodysuit, or just a basic tee. Throw on a blazer and some heels and you are ready for work, or pair it with the matching “Cropped Cyra Jacket"- $319 and a pair of white sneakers.  

Cropped Cyra Jacket - J Brand

I’m sure you have noticed but a huge trend in fashion right now is matching sets, so whether you like it or not… its back! If you were watching our stories over on our insta page then you would have seen us style the “High Rise Tie Waist Pants” with the “Cropped Cyra Jacket”, and I must say, I was really loving this look! Something about matching sets makes you feel like a super bad ass, boss babe…even if it’s all pink!

The “Cropped Cyra Jacket” in rigid denim is an oversized fit with a cropped/ frayed hem and retails for $319. If you do plan on purchasing both the pants and the jacket it is absolutely an investment, but the quality of J Brand is totally worth it! These items will stand the test of time, and you can make so many different outfits out of these two key pieces. I always say, you don’t need to be wearing designer head to toe to look well dressed; the key is to incorporate your more expensive items with more affordable pieces.

Since we are on the topic of emerging styles for 2019, I also wanted to talk about the exposed button trend. You may remember me raving about the “Lillie High Rise Crop Pant” in black… well my friends; we have just received this exact same pant in white!! Trust me when I say this pant is not going to be in store for long because everyone needs a good pair of white denim, and we all know that it is SOOOO hard to find a pair that isn’t see through and that is actually flattering!!! I knew I had to own these the moment I tried them on, because let me tell you, it has been a battle to find the perfect pair. I am happy to announce that my search has ended, and that I am the proud new owner of these beauties and you should be too! The “Lillie High Rise Crop Pant”, features an ultra high rise, skinny fit and retails for $319.

Lillie High Rise - J Brand


Every great pair of pants deserves an equally awesome top, and Sen brings their A game in this department! If you love soft, cozy, well-constructed items then you are going to fall in love with this brand. For some reason I’m not normally one to get excited about shirts and sweaters the same way I do about denim, jackets, and shoes, but I honestly haven’t seen a Sen shirt that I haven’t thought…get in my closet right now!! I think that partially has to do with quality of the material, but I think the biggest part is the fit, they just get it. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are flattering on all body types!


We recently received two new tops, and I am crazy about both! The olive green coloured “Havana Top with Tie Front” has a slightly cropped fit, ties up in the front and retails for $155. We paired this top with the “Lillie High Rise Crop Pant” in white and the Melissa “Mar Wedge”. I love that this top can easily be dressed up or dressed down and is the perfect piece to transition from the workday to a night out. 

Crop Puff Sleeve Top - Sen Clothing

Now for all of you who base your purchases off the way an item feels, this next one has your name on it!!! The “Crop Puff Sleeve Top”-$128 is equally as soft as it is stylish and is the perfect neutral colour so it will go with everything. If you don’t love the way crop tops fit, pair them with high rise denim and you will find that they can become extremely flattering! I’ve mentioned this before, but if you still feel like the top hits you at an awkward spot, then try doing a little tuck with the front of your top and add your favourite belt for a more polished look!

Crop Puff Sleeve Top - Sen Clohing

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