This Week's Picks - Gentle Fawn

This Week's Picks - Gentle Fawn

Cozy Up With New Arrivals from Gentle Fawn

Well it’s officially that time of year when the weather is all over the place and picking your outfit for the day is a complete shot in the dark, because you just never know what the day will bring! The one piece of advice I can give you all is “layers”. Layers are key during the fall season, and besides who doesn’t love a good cardigan or pullover to complete their look?!?! Just remember to pair it with a cute cami or top that you are comfortable wearing on its own in case you find yourself having to remove some of your layers throughout the day. As I am typing this I find myself giggling because I instantly think of those times where I have been in a rush and I have ended up tossing on a less than acceptable shirt underneath my layers because you think, well no one can see that little hole on the shoulder or that stain, or that black bra under the white shirt but then you are left to die a slow death as you overheat throughout the day, because there is absolutely NO WAY you are removing that sweater or blazer!! Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this!!! Moral of the story… take that extra minute and put on that cute top even if it ends up being hidden under layers for the entire day, because you just never know if it’s going to be winter in the morning and summer by mid-afternoon! 

Ok, now that we are all prepared and ready to layer this fall season let’s take a minute to appreciate how Gentle Fawn yet again absolutely killed it with their latest apparel!! Everything is super cozy, soft, and in the most beautiful colour palette. I know I have said this a million times, but I just live for fall fashion. I feel like it allows you to be so expressive with your style and really accessorize your outfits with a variety of hats, scarves, boots, and of course fabulous jackets!

The first outfits we decided to feature on our Insta stories for This Week’s Picks are great transitional pieces and can be styled in many different ways! You may have recognized the “Franzia Pant”-$99 that Sabrina was wearing, because this is now our second time receiving them! What can I say, when you find a fabulous piece that not only is comfortable, super versatile, and works in your wardrobe year round, you obviously reorder it! If you missed out on these last time, I highly suggest checking them out this time, because they will not be around for long. For this particular try on, we decided to dress them up to give you all an idea of how you could wear these pants to work by simply pairing them with the new button down “Nicole Top”- $95. This stripe blouse also looks great paired with denim and rather than tucking it in, try leaving the bottom few buttons undone and tying it in a knot for a more casual look. 

Nicole Top - Gentle Fawn

If you are not quite ready to give up wearing dresses, the “Oslo” sweater dress that I wore is perfect for transitioning into cooler weather. I paired it with black ankle boots, but I think this would be great with OTK boots, a leather jacket, and a scarf! You could also continue to wear this item throughout the winter by simply adding a pair of leggings or tights. The “Oslo Dress” retails for $140 and is available both in store and online. 

Oslo Dress - Gentle Fawn

For our next outfits we thought it could be fun to show a totally different look by simply swapping out a top or adding a jacket. It is so important to make sure that when you are buying items you are considering what you already have in your current wardrobe that could work with this item, and if you are buying multiple pieces, try and find items that you can mix and match to create several different looks. I have just found that when you shop this way, not only do you end up making smarter purchases, but then you are also not stuck with a new item that you love, but end up not wearing because you have nothing to wear with it! Another little tip is that if you purchase items from the same brand and collection, generally the colours work really well together making this process even more simplified. For example, Sabrina kept on the “Franzia Pant”, but swapped out the “Nicole Top” for the beautiful “Avery Floral Tank”-$79, and I simply added the “Desmond Coat”-$160 over top of the “Oslo Dress”. Oh and if you haven’t noticed the “Desmond Coat” is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I honestly think if I add one more jacket to my wardrobe my husband may sign me up for a Shoppers Anonymous Program because I seriously have an addiction, but at the same time this coat may be 100% worth it…LOL but for real!

Avery Tank - Gentle Fawn

Fortunately I am not done talking about jackets; because I have a few more beauties to share with all of you, but in the meantime there are three must have sweaters that would make awesome additions to any fall wardrobe. First up is the “Crofton Knit Pullover” which retails for $80 and comes in the most beautiful spice colour, which in my opinion just screams fall fashion. Sticking to the spicy, burnt orange, rust colour theme we also received the “Scorpio” v neck which is a great alternative if you prefer a v neck over a crew neck! Last but certainly not least, because this may just be my favourite of the three, the “Hilda Pullover”!!! If you follow Gentle Fawn on any social media platforms then you would have noticed that they have done a fair amount of advertising on this sweater, which generally means that they are going to sell out fast, so just an FYI if you have had your heart set on getting this one! The “Hilda Pullover” retails for $115 and is available both in store and online. ***Warning, because this sweater is so cozy and warm you may never want to take it off…so don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

Scorpio Sweater - Gentle Fawn

Hilda Sweater - Gentle Fawn

So in true Paige fashion, I thought what better way to end this Blog Post then by talking about MORE jackets!! If you are a fellow jacket-a-holic like me, then I know you are just as excited as I am, and the best part is that for the next few months, we are just going to continue to receive one fabulous coat after another. Can I get a HECK YASSS! 

The “Ella Coat” in merlot is simple while still being super stylish and retails for just $168! Merlot is another one of those colours that is just so easy to work with and incorporate into your wardrobe for the fall/winter season, so don’t be afraid to incorporate some colour during these dark gloomy months. 

Ella and Desmond - Gentle Fawn

Last up, the “Vera Teddy Coat” in teal-$145!!! OH MY GOD!!! This colour is STUNNING!!! I feel like it’s necessary to insert so many exclamation marks so you can really feel my excitement over this jacket, I mean it is beautiful! I will admit that I do have a soft spot for this teddy everything theme, whether that’s sweaters, cardigans, or jackets but I must say that this one is extra, extra good. So if you don’t already have a teddy coat, or you do, but you think you may just need another, then this would probably be my number one suggestion in store at the moment! 

Well that’s a wrap on the new arrivals that we featured this past week from Gentle Fawn, but keep in mind we did not get a chance to feature everything, so come visit us in store, or check out as everything is available both in store and online! 

Happy Fall Shopping xox

Vera Coat - Gentle Fawn

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