This Week's Picks - DL 1961, J Brand, Matt & Nat

This Week's Picks - DL 1961, J Brand, Matt & Nat

I always get so excited when I get to talk about my favourite things on the blog, and today is all about denim and handbags!!! In my opinion, you can never have too many of either of these. There is just a feeling I get when I put on a new pair of premium denim that makes me feel like I can take on the world. I don’t know if that is because the fit of good quality jeans makes you feel like a major boss babe, or because I immediately start dreaming of all the outfits I could put together with this one pair of pants!! Either way, if you are denim snob like myself, OR maybe you’re someone who “thinks” they hate wearing denim because it’s uncomfortable, then PLEASE do me a favour and just come on in and try them on…you may be pleasantly surprised! We just received a MASSIVE shipment of jeans, which means we have so many different styles and fits between J Brand and DL that there is definitely something for everyone!

DL 1961

Since we received SOOO many styles in our latest shipment, we have decided to narrow it down to some of our favourites, starting with the “Hepburn”!!! GIRLS…you NEED these in your wardrobe. I mentioned in an earlier post that moving into spring the styles are changing, and it’s no longer all about the skinny jeans. This isn’t to say that skinny jeans are out, because they definitely are not, but if you are someone who likes to be ahead of the fashion game and make a statement, then you are going to die over the “Hepburn” pant that is available in three different colours!! This style features a high-rise, wide-leg, extremely cut up/ distressed hem (on the Palermo, and Slate colours) and is fitted through the waist and butt for a super figure flattering fit!!! 

Some of my favourite fashion bloggers that I follow have been seen wearing these, and from their reviews they are definitely a must have. My personal favourite is “Hepburn Slate Jean”-$270, it’s the perfect wash for spring and summer and is the most “classic” colour when you think of denim. Keep In mind that the “Palermo” and the “Slate Jean” are made of 100% cotton, which means there is zero stretch. I would say that they do fit true to size, but I prefer to size up 1 because I am used to having some stretch in my jeans, and this allows me to have that little extra breathing room!!
The “Hepburn” is also available in “Eggshell” which is an off-white denim! These are VERY similar, except they have a little stretch to them and they have an unfinished slightly frayed hem at the bottom, rather than the distressed look found on the 2 other pairs. I would say that this is a more classic look and would be really easy to dress up for the work day!! If you are really into the Hepburn pant, but are looking for a pop of colour, J Brand has a super similar pair in light pink denim that I have talked about in a previous blog post, but will link it here for you all in case you missed it!! It’s called the “High Rise Tie Waist Pant”.



If you are sitting here reading this and thinking to yourself that there is no way you are jumping on this wide leg train, not to worry because we received several kick ass pairs of skinnies in both high and mid-rise, cropped and full length, distressed, and not distressed. So like I said earlier…there is LITERALLY something for everyone!!! I am really loving the “Florence Ruston”-$260, which is a mid-rise skinny jean with a cropped ankle and some distressing around the knee area. These would look awesome paired with the Melissa “Ultra Splash Shoe” and just a basic white “Cotton V Neck Slub” tee from Z Supply. To complete this look throw on the “Mumbai backpack” from Matt & Nat! 

Ok, I’m going to switch gears and talk about jean shorts because with all this warmer weather we have been getting, I am already thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe. I don’t know about all of you, but I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts FOREVER…like why in the world is it so hard to find shorts that aren’t ill fitting!!! Thankfully, DL has come to the rescue with 2 awesome pairs that actually cover your butt!! GUYS this makes me sooooo happy! The “Karlie Bluegrass Boyfriend Short”-$185 (darker wash), and the “Karlie Westside Boyfriend Short”-$165 (lighter wash) both feature a slightly longer hem in the front and back with the sides cut up slightly higher. I love when shorts have the higher cuts on the sides, not only does it elongate your legs, but I find they are all around more flattering! I can promise you now that these won’t be in store for long, so if you are in need of a good fitting/ flattering pair of shorts these are going to be your new best friend!!

Karlie Boyfriend Shorts
**Ohhh, and if you aren’t a jean shorts person, we also received the cutest denim skirt that would be a great alternative! I think denim skirts are the perfect transitional piece between spring and summer. One of my favourite ways to style them is with over the knee boots, and an oversized knit sweater. The Gentle Fawn “Tucker Sweater” in cream or rose, would both be great options to pair with the “Georgia Skirt”- $189.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is just SOOO many new pairs of denim that if I tried to feature them all this blog would turn into a dictionary sized novel!!!! Since nobody got time for that, I’m going to jump on over to J Brand and give you a sneak peak of what’s new, because I am OBSESSED, and then I promise we will move on to handbags!

J Brand

J Brand just holds a special place in my heart, because I have never met a pair of J Brands that I don’t love! This says a lot, because I am so picky when it comes to denim, especially when you are investing your hard earned money, they have to be nothing short of perfect. These next two pairs I’m going to share are very different from one another, but both equally as fabulous. The “Alana High Rise Zebra Stripe” retails for $319 and is the perfect spin on a pair of white denim. Everyone needs at least one pair of white pants for spring/summer so why not go for something a little more fun and unique. I love the contrast of the black zebra stripe with the crisp white denim. We paired these pants with our black “SEN” top and black pointy toed heels for a super sleek look.

Alana High Rise - J Brand
One of the only things I love more than a good pair of black denim, is a pair of faded out black denim LOL!! I just love how versatile they are, because you could easily toss on a white tee and vans and have a super cool, sporty look, or you could pair them with a blazer and ankle boots like we did and BOOM you’re ready for work! These cropped “Heather Button Fly Jeans” retail for $345, and feature a straight leg, exposed buttons and are high rise, basically all my favourite features wrapped up into one perfect pair of jeans! 

Heather Button Fly - J Brand

Matt & Nat

Well it’s been a hot minute since we last talked about Matt & Nat, but our spring shipment has arrived, and we have everything from your classic handbags, to clutches, to cross body bags, to wallets, and more. If you’re not familiar with Matt & Nat, it is a Canadian Vegan brand of handbags based out of Montreal. Matt & Nat stands for Material and Nature, and not only are all their bags and wallets vegan, but all the linings are made of recycled plastic bottles!!

We at Miss Boss love this brand, and so do our customer which is why we keep coming back for more! We mentioned in a previous post that the Matt & Nat collection is huge, so as always, we handpick each style of bag and colour that we think would be best for the store and all of you! The colours for this spring are, whisper, frappe, koala, and black. We also incorporated a few pops of colour in berry, chile, and cork!!

One of our favourite styles from this collection is the “Nia Wristlet” which is available in 3 colours and retails for just $55!!! This is perfect for carrying your essentials like your phone, money, keys, and lipstick! I love that you can toss this in your larger purse for daytime, and then just take the wristlet out with you in the evening.

I also adore the “Rubicon” which is your classic saddle bag in the colour chile. This bag retails for $155, and features adjustable/ removable strap, magnetic snap closure, back slit pocket, and three interior compartments. This is such a classic bag, and the colour is great for all 4 seasons!

Rubicon - Matt & Nat
Backpacks are still going strong in the fashion world, and I’m sure you all have noticed a lot more people are starting to use a backpack as their everyday bag rather than a purse. I mean when you think about it, they are just so practical because they completely free up your hands, not to mention they are so much better for your neck and shoulders, and lastly they fit a lot of stuff….because if your anything like me, us girls just need SOOO much “stuff” LOL!! The “Brave” backpack is a top seller for Matt & Nat and we have it in two different colours, black and koala. This backpack retails for $150, and features a top zipper closure for easy in and out access, adjustable webbing straps, side pockets, a front zipper pocket, and it can fit a 13” laptop.

Mumbai Backpack - Matt & Nat
If the “Brave” backpack is a little too big for you, we also received the “Mumbai small backpack” -$125, in black, koala, and whisper. This backpack is great for running errands, travel, etc, and it features adjustable straps, drawstring closure with a hidden tab under the flap to secure drawstrings, and a hidden back pocket with zipper closure.

Brave Backpack - Matt & Nat
The last bag I’m going to feature is a personal favourite of mine, the “Sheenan Doctor Bag”-$155 in the colour Koala. I just think this bag is so chic!! I love how structured it is and I’m obsessed with the colour. I also love how you can either carry it by the handles or if you prefer you can wear it as a cross body bag. This bag features a removable/ adjustable strap, top frame zipper closure, and a back slit pocket.

Sheenan - Matt & Nat
*** These are only a sneak peak of what we received, so click on the video below to see some of the other new arrivals, OR visit us at to shop our entire spring shipment on our online store!

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