Lisa’s Holiday Pick!


It’s the best feeling in the world: you come back from home after a long time of being away. You walk through the door and breathe the holidays in—and there it is. That smell. The one that makes you say, “Mmm. Smells amazing in here!”

At least that’s how it is around my house. I love coming home to that warm baking smell, but let’s face it— I don’t have time to be cooking ginger snaps around the clock.  Which is why for me there’s no better holiday gift than a delicious Coal and Canary candle.

coal and canary candles

[Fall Collection $30 each, The Cider Made Me Do It, Gimme Some Sugar, Chunky Knit Sweater, and new Cable Knit Scarf]

While there’s plenty of different flavours to choose from, for me nothing beats scents like Chunky Knit Sweater, Gimmie Sugar, or Cable Knit Scarf—all of them smell as if they’ve melted down that freshly baked holiday scent. And although those pretty wood wicks look great burning, they also emit a soft crackling sound while they’re going—there’s nothing better than nibbling on dessert and sitting in front of the fire, letting the spaces between small talk be filled up by that noise.


[Hiking Collection $30 each Hiking Trails & Breaking Nails, Great Complexion & No Reception, Big Hair & Fresh Hair]

If sweet isn’t your thing, Coal and Canary also offer different varieties of scents—for the coffee lover on your list there’s that That Hot Barista, a candle that’s infused with the smell of steamy expresso, and for your favorite tree hugger there’s always Hiking Trails and Breaking Nails, which blends fresh balsam and fragrant violets.


[Coffee Collection $30 each, 110 Calories, The Hot Barista, Don’t Be Chai]

And if you’re looking for something more seasonal, you can’t go wrong with the Coal and Canary holiday collection, a unique blend of limited edition scents which always take the best parts of Christmas and make them sweeter—last year I fell head over heels for a peppermint and strawberry blend that smelt exactly like the candy canes my grandmother and I used to share on Boxing Day.


[Holiday Collection $30 each, Ginger Bell Rock, May Your Days Be Minty & Bright, All I Want Fir Xmas]

At $30 a candle it’s hard not to fall in love with Coal and Canary. With their cute boxing and signature glass holders they’re basically a pre-wrapped present. They’re absolutely perfect for stocking stuffers, and if your shopping list is as long as mine then you’ll be relieved to know that we carry over 15 different flavours—which makes it easy for everyone on your list to be satisfied!

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