Groat Road Bridge Re Opening!

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Like every other 124th street business, we’re overjoyed to hear that the Groat Road Bridge is finally open. After years of construction and traffic jams outside our front window, we’re so excited to have our little street finally returning to its former glory.


The bridge opening couldn’t come at a better time—autumn is looming in the near future, which means shopping at Miss Boss has never been better. As all our favourite fall fashions return for another season, we figured what better way to celebrate the brand new bridge than to introduce a whole bunch of brand new products to the store! Here’s a small peak of just a few new lines we’re bringing in:

First and foremost, we are so excited to welcome Grace Design to our store. Grace Design is a line of purses by Canadian designer Alison Gledhill, with each colourful bag crafted from unique materials (such as sari silk) and made by hand in Toronto. Grace Design is all about feminine, bohemian style that celebrates tradition, culture, and creativity.



Next, Miss Boss is proud to introduce DL 1961, a premium denim line created in New York by none other than Jessica Alba. DL 1961 is a smart denim line, which means it combines patented technology and fabrication to give you’re a luxurious and flattering fit unlike no other.


Finally, we are thrilled to announce that Lover’s Tempo, a new line of jewelry based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, will be making an appearance in our store this fall. Lover’s Tempo is a new classic for the modern girl; with delicate details and vibrant colours, this line takes refinement to a new level and makes every day beauty completely effortless.


(Lovers Tempo; Joplin Earring $32)

The bridge isn’t the only new thing on 124th street this Autumn, and with four lanes of traffic and pedestrian and bike lanes it’s easier than ever to cross on over and see all the new and exciting things happening at Miss Boss!

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Sabrina Safranka