Coal and Canary Candles

Coal and Canary

A fall chill is in the air, and as sad as we all are to see our summer go, a cool autumn night is a good excuse to start getting cozy. Outside, we love our soft scarves, new boots and cute coats. Indoors, there’s nothing better than raindrops on window panes, a warm cup of coffee and a flickering scented candle to make you feel truly in the season.

At Miss Boss, we’ve been searching high and low for the perfect candles, and we’ve found them in Winnipeg-based Coal and Canary. Hand-poured and made in small batches, we’re loving the high quality soy and vegetable wax blend, true-to-scent fragrance oils and the wooden wick (which burns clean – meaning no smoke or soot to contend with). In addition to the flickering light, the yummy scents are all rich but not overwhelming or super perfumed. The burn-time for each candle is approximately 45-50 hours and the glass jars burn clean, meaning once they’re empty, they’re perfect for reusing with a tea-light or storing your makeup brushes.

Coal and Canary candles

If you love sweet scents, the “Girls Night In” collection is your go-to. From caramel corn to tropical papaya to citrusy cranberry, your sweet tooth will be satisfied without overwhelming your nose. Plus the sassy names (“Good Beats and Eatin’ Sweets” anyone?) and colorful labels are hard to resist. <Crimped Hair and Truth or Dare $26, Vodka Crans and Elastic Waistbands $26, Good Beats and Eatin’ Sweets $26>

Coal and Canary candles


If you’ve got a caffeine-addiction, the “Percolate” collection is for you. Loaded with energy-inducing scents like espresso, chai and almond biscotti, you’ll get a buzz that (almost) replaces your daily pick-me-up. <110 Calories $26, Don’t Be Chai $26, That Hot Barista $26>

Coal and Canary candles

For the more adventurous, the “Glamping” collection is a breath of fresh air. From fresh coconut-lime (“Great Complextion and No Reception, $26”), wintery balsam (“Hiking Trails and Breaking Nails, $26”) to floral lily and oakmoss (“Big Hair and Fresh Air, $26”), your home will feel like you’ve visited the great outdoors (without getting your shoes all muddy).

Coal and Canary candles

The perfect birthday gift is “Cupcakes and Confetti, $26,” which smells like vanilla cake and rich roasted almonds. Sweet but not heavy, there’s nothing better to blow out and make a wish on!

Coal and Canary candles

Last but not least, the Fall/Winter collection is sure to get you in the mood for a change of season! We love the classic black & white labels and the traditional seasonal scents with a little twist. “Chunky Knit Sweater, $26” is for our pumpkin-spice lovers, complete with spicy vanilla cake and roasted pecans. “Gimme Some Sugar, $26” is ultimate comfort-food scents – delicate brown sugared yams and a touch of honeyed sweetness. We’re also loving the fresh apple notes in “The Cider Made Me Do It, $26,” which smells just like a cup of freshly brewed cider on a cold evening.

Some fun facts – Coal and Canary candles were featured in the Grammy swag bags this year and if you listen closely, they make a soft crackling sound when they’re burned (just like your very own mini-campfire). What’s more comforting than that?


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Sabrina Safranka